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            Quartz product intensive processing
            Quartz rod
            Quartz galss tube
              Lianyungang fengyu quartz co.,ltd.Is located the mainland quartz product collection and distribution center - Lienyungang East City sea county. Donghai County is containing the rich quartz mineral resource, and the personal status is quite high (contains the silicon quantity to reach 99.9999%). From this, quartz product and so on Donghai County's quartz glass tube as well as crystal product, quartz sand, quartz stick, occupies in a mainland market minute volume 95% above.
              Our company established in 1998, was the quartz product production specialized unit, was equipped with the quartz tube factory, the quartz soaks the shell factory, the quartz production factory three productions factories.
              The quartz tube factory specialized production quartz tube, is transparent, quartz tube and so on pearly luster including each kind of specification, UV, ultraviolet ray sterilization, diameter scope 2-180mm, wall thickness scope 0.5-8mm The long 10-2000mm company melts the quartz tube, the tube, filters the ultraviolet ray tube, does not have the ozone tube. Pu connects the melt to manage SiO2 to reach 99.Above 6%, the geometry size, the chemical stability, the thermostability, resist heat the denaturation and anti- analyzes the crystal performance to be fine, optics transmissibility reaches above 90%; 脱羟 the tube hydroxyl below 10ppm, the process processes, the hydroxyl may reach below 5ppm; The bead fluorescent tube is the young galvanized iron pipe the new craft product, manages the surface to resemble the pearl the surface, uses in the radiator pipe, the preheater pipe, the far infrared tube manufacture; Filters the ultraviolet ray tube to be able to filter in the ultra-violet spectrograph wave band to the human body harmful 190-320nm wave length ultraviolet ray, is suitable in the environmental protection photosource manufacture; Does not have the ozone tube and filters The ultraviolet ray tube is opposite, may penetrate 253.About 7nm the wave length ultraviolet ray, widely uses in sterilization and so on medical instrument, water treatment, food health.
              The quartz soaks the shell factory production electricity photosource to soak the shell with the quartz. - Diameter 8-40mm.(a) ordinary soaks shell --- diameter 8-18mm. Soaks in the shell to meet has the capillary vessel, may carry on the exhaust. Thermostable, the diaphaneity is good. Mainly uses in product manufacture and so on JC\JD\H1-H7\ foot light. (b) special refutes shell --- diameter 12-40mm. Mainly uses in product the and so on high-pressured mercury lamp \ sodium lamp \ Jin Ludeng manufacture
              The quartz production factory is mainProduction quartz product and each kind of different shape quartz tube and so on quartz drive pipe, quartz water jacket, quartz plate, quartz boat, quartz steelyard weight processing, and produces the low ozone quartz tube ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp. The quartz drive pipe diameter scope between 8-120mm, has the round head, flat head and so on processing and so on contour and flaring, flange, frosting. Has thermostable, the anti-corrosive diaphaneity good and is moisture-proof, characteristic and so on explosion-proof, widely uses in the Shui national minority lamp, the decontaminating apparatus, the preheater pipe, the water treatment and so on domain and so on processing and environmental protection, health, chemical industry; The quartz water jacket mainly uses in printing and the packing processing industry ---- UV light solidifies, the UV light solidification is one kind is extremely reliable, may substitute for the hot air dryer and other dry technical solidification technologies, it already obtained the widespread application in printing and the packing processing industry; The low ozone quartz tube ultraviolet ray disinfection lamp is uses the domestic advanced technical development the new product, sterilization effect, the structure novel, the life is long, when work can have the wave length is 253.The 7nm force ultraviolet ray, the radiation intensity above 100W/cm2, has the deoxyribonucleic acid to the bacterium (DNA) to have the greatly strengthened destructive effect, has the obvious fragmentation effect, conforms to the medical department "Disinfection Technology standard" each target request.
              We in striving for perfection sedulously among, also the factory direct sale, saves the link expense, reduces the costHoped we can help supply each other, reciprocal benefit mutual benefit, communal development.

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